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BIG David Hutchins




AWARDS Country Male Vocalist
1991  of the Year Nominee
BIG David Hutchins



COUNTRY Outstanding New Artist  
AWARDS Nominee  



(regarding the album "On My Own" 10 songs recorded in 1990)

"Here's a country writer/performer with that crossover clout and class that will bring him to the attention of both country and pop programmers.  His initial single 'You've Broken My Heart,' is pure pop/country entertainment; a ballad with meaning and an excellent door-opener.  A video has already received a Country Music Television (Nashville) nod and premiered on Much Music's Outlaws and Heroes."


(regarding the album "On My Own" 10 songs recorded in 1990)

"It is the combination of music and voice that have made the industry big-wigs notice Hutchins talent.  His Juno nominee was based on the strength of his premier album...ON MY OWN.  'You've broken My Heart' climbed within the top 20 spot of the top 100 singles in short order...in the long run, the album ON MY OWN may prove to be Hutchins stepping stone to stardom."

Valley View Studio 

(regarding the album "Starting Over" 12 songs recorded in October 2006)

"David Hutchins is a Singer/Songwriter with consistently strong lyrics and melodies.  We decided this project should be produced keeping that in mind, not the bottom line.  I want people to hear David and his songs.  I wanted to give your ears a rest from today's Country Rock mixes, with the drums and screaming guitars towering over the vocals.  David has a compelling voice, so if you like 'GOOD' music, then you will like David Hutchins.  This is a quality CD, great listening for any audience."

John Stacey - Producer - Nashville, Tennessee


"David Hutchins, a soulful and unique voice who knows how to get the message of a song across.  This is a CD that will move any listener."

Margie Cates - Nashville, Tennessee

Pearlman Microphones

"I'm a man of few words...David Hutchins has a GREAT voice!"

Dave Pearlman - Owner - Pearlman Microphones Sherman Oaks, California

K-Jo Studio

"I have played David Hutchins first CD "On My Own" so many times, I've darn near worn it through....  He is truly one of my favourite vocalists of all time.   Not only is he a wonderful singer...he's an amazing, prolific songwriter.  Some of his songs will bring a tear to your eye, even if you don't want them to.  Others will make you want to dance....  Yeah, he's THAT good!  I've known David personally for a while and have had the extreme pleasure of experimenting with his talents...sometimes 'til the wee hours of the morn...while the rest of the world was sleeping.  In my opinion, David Hutchins is Canada's best kept secret...."

Kathy Braceland - Artist - Los Angeles, California

"You've Broken My Heart" from the album ON MY OWN

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                                                       All lyrics and music written by David Hutchins 1990 - 2009 David Hutchins

                                                                                                   All photographs 2007, 2008, 2009 David Hutchins

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