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David Hutchins has recently completed recordings at Bayou Recording Studio in Nashville, Tennessee with Producer John Stacey and Co-Producer Margie Cates.

The 12 songs recorded were carefully selected from David's extensive catalogue of original compositions, with special emphasis placed upon capturing the essence and honesty, expressed in each song arrangement.

Specific attention has been paid to the acoustic overview of these recordings in the use of some of the best musicians in Nashville. 

The players are as follows:  

















Acoustic guitar Mark Casstevens
Acoustic guitar Bryan Sutton
Acoustic guitar Bobby All
Electric guitar Chris Leuzinger
Steel guitar Sonny Garrish
Bass [electric] David Hungate
Bass [upright, electric] Byron House
Piano, Strings Roger Morris
Viola Margie Cates
Drums Tommy Wells
Lead Vocals David Hutchins
Background Vocals Margie Cates
  Kate Hutchins
  Monty Allen

All vocals were recorded at Valley View Studio, Goodlettesville, Tennessee.









George Clinton (owner of Bayou), David and daughter Kate Hutchins (back up vocals)

David at Bayou console

Running down arrangements

Vocals at Valley View Studio

Upper foyer at the Ryman Auditorium -- the Grand Ole Opry

Time out after a great meal


Work or rest?

Acoustic guitarist Mark Casstevens

Margie Cates and Monty Allen

John Stacey Valley View Studio

Bamboo Room at Bayou

Going for gold....

Ivory's Roger Morris

Kate Hutchins

Pedal Steel Sonny Garrish

Too many knobs....

Bassist Byron House...nice collection!

An afternoon with the Blues Brothers on Broadway, Nashville

Electric Guitar Chris Leuzinger

Checking out the charts

Drummer Tommy Wells and Bayou owner George Clinton



                  Stay tuned for further Nashville updates from this talented singer/songwriter.... 


                                                     "You Still See the Light" from the album STARTING OVER

                                                                          Play "You Still See the Light"


                                                                         All lyrics and music written by David Hutchins 1990 - 2009 David Hutchins

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