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Having previously recorded the album "On My Own" in Nashville, TN in the very early '90's, David had decided that his next recordings would be done in Canada with producer David Moyles at his Kleinberg, Ontario studio. 

Songs were selected from a catalogue of original works and these subsequent recordings produced an edgier sound using the best in analog and digital technology. 

The bed tracks were recorded at Puck's Farm Studio outside Schomberg, Ontario and the session musicians were some of David's personal friends, whom he had worked with through the years.

The musicians included:

  • Don Reed - fiddle
  • Terry Clements - acoustic
  • Lou Moore - acoustic
  • David Hutchins - acoustic
  • Sean O'Grady - drums
  • Denis Keldie - piano, B3
  • Gabor Szepesi - B3
  • Steve Patico - electric guitar
  • David Moyles - electric guitar, midi parts
  • Neil Numminen - bass
  • Dennis Pendrith - bass
  • Al Brisco - pedal steel
  • Al Gaine - pedal steel
  • Rolley Platt - harmonica
  • Margie Cates background vocals in Nashville, TN

David Moyles, himself a fine musician also added his talent to the mix.


Checking arrangements at the piano

Denis Keldie and David

       Gordon Lightfoot's right-hand man

                     Terry Clements

Drummer Sean O'Grady

          Checking on the Charts








                            Don Reed


   Bassist Neil Numminen and

            Terry Clements






Producer David Moyles

     Running down arrangements







                          What is that?

        David Moyles and Don Reed

                 Kleinberg Studio

Bassist Dennis Pendrith

 Terry, David, Denis, Sean, David and

          Neil, at Puck's Farm Studio

On ivory's, Denis Keldie

     David recording ghost vocals


                                         Producer/musician David Moyles


                                       "Detroit Wheels" from the album BASIC BLACK

                                                         Play "Don't Hold Back"

                                                All lyrics and music written by David Hutchins 1990 - 2009 David Hutchins

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