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shooting gallery





                           ...and $25.00 was a big chunk of a week's wage in 1965....










Four 1/4's -- paid in full....


James Caverhill, David, Chris Dalton and Peter O'Brien -- The Whiskey Sours 1965

The Whiskey Sours Club Kingsway Toronto '60's

Al Catto, David and Roger Carling Kelly -- "The

Downbeats" -- Lakefield College School 1964

Neve console Reflections Studio Nashville, TN 1989

Reflections Studio

Producer/Engineer Gene Rice (Alabama), David and keyboardist Walt Cunningham, Reflections

Printer's Alley Nashville 1989    

Ryman Auditorium backstage pre-restoration 1989

Out standing in his field....

First national single release "You've Broken My Heart"

CMT and Much Music video outtakes














Mid 1990's...blues anyone?

My special edition Fender strat....

HMV Record Store, Edmonton, Alberta

Sam the Record Man, Vancouver, B.C.

West Coast record distributors

Trying to walk on water....

"You've Broken My Heart" video outtake


"Just the Boy in Me"

J.K. Gulley, Jean Larrivee and David, Larrivee Guitars, Vancouver, B.C.

Canada Day 1993, Nathan Phillips Square,

Toronto, Ontario

Canada Day Toronto, Ontario

Opening for Dan Seals and Marie Osmond

Canadian recording artist, Carol Baker, David, past Toronto Mayor and Canadian Defense Minister Art Eggleton, recording artist Kimberly Richards and Regent Tours president.

J.K. Gulley, Kimberly Richards and David.

                        My Gibson 347


The '90's coming to a close....










                                              Into the new millenium and still kicking....


                                        "Trying to Lose What I Have Lost" from the album STARTING OVER

                                                                        Play "Trying to Lose what I have Lost"



                                                                    All lyrics and music written by David Hutchins 1990 - 2009 David Hutchins

                                                                                                   All photographs 2007, 2008, 2009 David Hutchins

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